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create-websiteCreate your own website

Learn creating a professional website with a very simple way and start your internet online business.  Here is a step by step guide, which may helpful to learn creating a website.


How to create a free blog/website on Google

 A professional website need 3 steps:

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rsz_domain Select a domain[/su_column]

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rsz_domain Chose webhosting[/su_column]

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rsz_wwCreate a website[/su_column]

There are many ways to make a website or blogs. Word press is the most popular CMS 100% free to create a website or blog. I recommend creating a free Word press website or blog beginners, because every type of website can be created by website.

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Before creating a website or blog choosing the right topic is very important.

Your website project begins with very important part: namely, the main theme of your website. Clearly define the objective of your website and topics in which you are interested and also have the great knowledge about it. It is best to select a region, on the one you know very well and that you enjoy writing.

Read about some tips to select a perfect topic for your website/blog.

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If  you want to create a website manually, you have to learn Dream weaver or Microsoft Front page.

Fear of having to learn HTML and other programming languages? Must not! Nowadays, there are many content management systems (CMS). Make your dynamic website using the best CMS.

Learn about the best CMS for your website or blog

Static vs dynamic websites

Originally, websites were designed with HTML and CSS, two languages ​​to format the content. With the development of new technologies and the popularization of broadband Internet, we realized we could create dynamic sites and even web applications. Currently, it is estimated that the static website is outdated, but it can still be used when you want to customize a page with specific elements. However, most webmasters choose dynamic website because of its flexibility and ease of work.

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This website tutorial is based on WordPress and Joomla. WordPress is the most powerful blogging and content management system of the time. It is absolutely free and suitable for beginners as well as professionals. I myself use this system on this site and some of my other websites.