How to make money with google adsense

How to make money with google adsense

Making Money with AdSense
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You might have often noticed that when you enter a search term in Google, apart from the search results, certain relevant ads also become visible on the left, right and upper sides of the screen. Google AdWords takes money from these companies and websites to display and promote these adverts. Google earns a large sum of its income by promoting the ads of these websites on its search result pages. Google also lets you have a share in it. You can also show these ads on your website and make money through AdSense.adsense

Google launched this program on 18th June, 2003, and undoubtedly it has become the most reliable and effective way of making money online. If properly utilized then AdSense can certainly become a full time source of income for you. Still the condition of honesty applies. As google will not hinder your work as long as you do not attempt to cheat and manipulate its system of earning.

AdSense works in a simple manner. You have to make a website. The website is supposed to have live organic traffic. The traffic should be a result of methods like search engine optimization. Search engine optimization leads to increased traffic to your website. This traffic while visiting your website will also click on the AdSense adverts which are being displayed.

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The proper way of earning online through AdSense is being stated below.

  • First and foremost, you will need to make a website. Without a website, the prospect of earning through AdSense does not exist. The website has to be based on any interesting and informative topic. The language of the website is of particular importance as well. It has been generally observed that websites which are in any language other than English, do not tend to earn too well with AdSense. Thus, it is advisable to write the content of your website in English or in any other European language. Choose the language accordingly. The website should appeal to the eye as well as being highly informative in terms of the content. The purpose is to draw as much traffic to the website as possible. Another thing that always needs to be remembered is that, plagiarism is not appreciated by Google. You cannot steal content from other websites and use it as your own. The content needs to be creative and original.

It might be that you have an original, creative and innovative idea for a website, yet you consider yourself incapable of creating a website. In this instance, you may take help from hundreds of software houses in Pakistan. Multiple options with regards to software houses are available. You may contact a large scale or a small firm. There are also quite a few independent web designers and web developers, who can assist you in this regard. This will definitely require an investment on your part.  But you can take it this way that any business requires a capital investment.


Blogging and free blogs

Additionally, other than a website, a well written and daily updates blog can serve the same purpose as a website. Blogs are easier to manage and create, thus, are used more. If your writing skill is good and you wish to avoid the hassles related to website making, then a blog suits you best. The blog can be supported by, the free blog hosting program by Google. WordPress is also a well-known blog hosting software; which can also be installed after purchasing.

The first thing which is necessary after the completion of your website is, promotion. Promoting your website is necessary to increase the traffic flow to your website. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, prove essentially effective tools in this regard. Friends and family can act as followers for your website and can assist in the promotion of the website. Experts also suggest that any website maker should not apply for Google AdSense; for at the least 6 months after the creation of the website. It is commonly known that Google tends to easily reject the AdSense application by Pakistani Web Masters. So, it is clearly advisable that the website should be well established and prepared before applying for Google AdSense.

  • The second stage is the registration process with Google AdSense. Provide correct and true information, while filling out the registration form. Remember that Google does not activate your AdSense account as soon as you submit the registration form. Google runs a thorough investigation of your website and information provided. The information is forwarded to concerned official or a software program. The program then analyses your website and the traffic that it draws. The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether the website is liable to display AdSense adverts or not. In the event of having a website which is complete and fully established, as per AdSense terms and conditions, your application will be accepted. In case your application is rejected, you should improve your website and then apply.
  • After your application is accepted, you will be given a code. The AdSense code is used in the website to display the ads. Choose the ad size according to your website. Choose the ad display size wisely. Do not select a size that will distort the appearance of the website and will destroy its appeal. The ad should be clearly visible to the surfer as well as complimenting the website design. Usually website owners choose to display these ads on the right side or next to the website banner.
  • Your effort with the website is not supposed to end with the acceptance of your AdSense request. You will need to keep the website content updated on a regular basis. Updated content leads to maintaining visitors and traffic. Outdated content leads to depleted traffic. The higher traffic your website has, the more income you are likely to make. Another significant method of increasing traffic will be to promote your website through Google AdWords.
  • Bear in mind that it takes time for a website to become an appreciable source of income through AdSense. The time period may vary from a few months to a couple of years. It all depends upon the hard work and dedication you put in. Hoping to make riches overnight does not make sense. It will also be unreasonable to believe that you will be able to make thousands of dollars per month. There is no denying that many web site owners earn up to thousands of dollars per month. The website traffic of these webmasters is also in the millions. You should consider it a fair achievement if you are able to make a profit after eliminating the daily expenses of your website.
  • You can request remittance from Google once your AdSense account balance reaches a $100. Google does not remit any amount less than this.

After earning through Google AdSense another very well-known method of making money on the internet is Freelancing.

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    • Adsense approval is not a big deal, it is very easy. I think Google will not approve adsense account with blogspot, buy your own domain and a web hosting, it will cast less than RS.3000 and write at least 30 or 40 unique articles, no copy past allowed by the terms of Google.I hope your account will be approved.

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