4 steps to create a free blog on WordPress

Here is a step by step quick guide to create free blogs on WordPress.com, if you follow each step carefully, within few minutes, you will be the owner of a free blog. Remember free websites have lots of limitations, and only suitable for learning purpose. As free blogs are not professional, so you  can not  earn money through… Read More »

4 ways to create a free blog/website

اردو میں پڑھیں In this article I want to introduce 4 fast, easy and most important free methods to create your own free blog. Free blogs resources will help you to learn lot about blogs, writing contents, it is not necessary to buy an expensive hosting for your blog in the begging. There are number of great and free options on… Read More »

Create a website on google

How to create a blog/website on Google There are many options to create a free website or blog,  here you will learn creating a free blog/website on the best free blogging platform, blogger.com Click here to learn creating a website or blog on WordPress Create a free website on Google blogger; Blogger.com is the  platform where you can… Read More »

Free website pros and cons

اردو میں پڑھیں Many websites offer free website creation option, and you can create a free website or blog, but I am not in the favor of free websites. I think it’s better to let you know the realities of the Internet. There 8 years ago, I was doing the same research. I had a very bad experience… Read More »

Making money with Affiliate Marketing

How to Make money  with Affiliate Marketing ?     The user visits your website     The user clicks on the banner of the advertiser     The user purchases on the merchant site owner     You receive a commission for the leads and sales you have generated How Does Affiliate Marketing works? As a publisher, affiliate marketing depends on your relationship… Read More »

The practical guide to install Joomla!

How to install joomla Joomla! is one of the best CMS with great ease of use and amazing flexibility. CMS means a content management system, and it consists of a database and a public part that displays the contents of the site. The administration part of Joomla! allows you to customize every aspect of its website creation of… Read More »

Static vs dynamic websites

Static websites Most of the users are not cleared about static vs dynamic websites. The static website is created with HTML and CSS and all the pages created manually. You can use software such as Dreamweaver that facilitates the work, but the process is slow and difficult. For example, a website consist  of 100 pages takes lot of time… Read More »