Install WordPress automatically with few clicks

It was the time when creating a website was very difficult. Learning HTML, CSS and other programming languages were compulsory. Now making a website or blog is as easy as making an email account. Static websites can be created using Dreamweaver. Now learning HTML and CSS is not necessary, You can create a website in just few click. You… Read More »

Affordable web hosting for your website

This is the 3rd step to building a website, other two steps are: Ideas for website Domain Registration To make your website visible to the world you need to host it on a server, and for this you must reserve a storage space on a web host. Choosing the Affordable web hosting for your website There are free hosting… Read More »

How to choose a perfect domain?

Choosing a domain name is not to be taken lightly. It’s almost a brand name associated with your website that have for a long time. This name can not easily be changed once the site is launched. This article presents the  best practices and tools to find the right domain name idea.   Importance of  the choice of … Read More »

Search engines optimization tips

Website optimization is the most important factor to get the free and unique traffic from Search engine. so your site must  be  search engine friendly. There are many important points for site optimization:  Good and unique content. Keyword research. Back links from other websites. Internal linking of individual pages with each other. Choose the right keywords and proper… Read More »

Chose the best CMS for your website or blog

A CMS can be use in most cases without knowledge of HTML.But first you should decide!Content management system is the best option. As mentioned above, it is incredibly easy to work with CMS to create your own website. Creating new pages, ading images and videos to publish on a website is almost as easy as creating documents with… Read More »

Making money with forex

اردوویڈوThis small guide is about how to make money on the internet by Forex. It is not an illegal pyramid scheme or any alleged roulette tricks that  do not work. No, this is serious, this is a guide on how you can make money online absolutely legally and properly much. Many people are earning thousands of dollars  in… Read More »

Website purpose and ideas

It is quite amazing. Many website are created without any real idea behind it. No idea about the structure, no idea about the theme, no idea about the content.   Set up a web project and hope that it is a brilliant idea really sounds like not very intelligent. In this tutorial I will show you the best and planned way. A way… Read More »