Is it possible to make money through the Internet?

Is it possible to make money through the Internet?

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A really common question these days is, that, is it really possible to earn online or through the internet? People want to know if they will be scammed or played with, if they try and make a living on the internet? The answer to this question varies solely based on your choice, as to how you wish to make money on the internet. If you wish to become a millionaire overnight, then that is impossible. If you wish to make money without any hard work or effort, that too is impossible.

While surfing the internet, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or even the newspapers; you might have come across advertisements promising you thousands of rupees in riches with only a few hours of work. Under the current financial crisis in Pakistan all these adverts are pretty mouthwatering, and lead to very easy entrapment of simple people.

This topic has been selected to answer all the questions which come to your mind regarding online-earning. All these questions will be answered in a clear and descriptive manner for your ease and satisfaction.

Is online earning a Fraud or a talent?

One thing is for sure, without hard work matter here you work you cannot earn and make money, the same holds true for the internet. No website or person will hand money to you just for the sake of it. If someone is claiming that by clicking a particular ad a specific number of times per day will lead to earning online, is just using you for his ends. You will also find ads claiming that sharing the link of a specific website will make you money, this is nothing but a lie. The purpose of this lie might be the promotion of a particular website or product, but surely not an online-earning opportunity. Apart from this, you will come across multiple ads in the newspapers, promoting institutes which teach you reliable methods of making an online living. These adverts are in actuality nothing but a pure fraud and a scam. By enrolling in these fraudulent institutes, all you end up achieving is, a waste of the money which you pay as course fee. Only the institute owners benefit from such schemes, who easily make huge sums by tricking people.

Another thing which has recently come to light is, that these institutes make the most money by tricking people with regards to ‘Google AdSense’. Without doubt, Google AdSense is currently a reliable source of income for millions of people, but these people are neither committing any fraudulent act nor doing anything illegal. These people are making money through AdSense by simply working hard and putting in a strong effort. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the owners of these fraudulent institutes trap people by letting them know that making money through AdSense is extremely easy and requires no hard work. The way that these institutes actually work is that, they sell confirmed AdSense accounts to candidates for a hefty fee. Although, you can acquire a free of cost confirmed account by a simple registration procedure, but only cause of their laziness, they prefer taking the short cut to acquiring a confirm account. Then the institute charges a fee for teaching you to make your very own website. If someone would rather have a ready made website, they also charge a fee for making the website for you. These websites are usually hosted on free hosting service provider websites. Some institutes even sell hosting and domains for a huge price as well. Thus, after spending a large sum of money the consumer gets a hold of his very own website and a confirmed AdSense account. The candidate has to click the ads displayed on his very own website. Usually they involve family and friends as well in the invalid clicking activity.

As a result, a few days or weeks later Google blocks the AdSense account. According to the terms and conditions, it is completely unacceptable to click the ads on your website or to encourage invalid click activity. It is almost impossible to trick Google. The secret behind the success of Google’s AdSense program is their fool proof security system, which can very easily identify invalid click activity. A Google AdSense account which has been once blocked cannot become operational again. Thus, the prospect of earning through Google AdSense becomes a dream never to come true.

Online Earning is a Possibility

It is an undeniable fact that you can make money on the internet; whether through a job or by doing business. It can easily become a respectable source of income for you. In many cases and after a certain period of time, it can make you more money than a usual job or business. The internet has brought the world to your doorstep, now it is totally up to your skill and talent, as to how much you can take advantage of it. Millions of people and their businesses are associated with the internet. They are earning online, whether directly or indirectly. But always bear in mind, that like any other job, this also requires your complete concentration and hard work. Stated below are the possibilities which can help you in making money online. Only you can decide according to your ability, as to which category suits you best.

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  1. I like this project

    i want create website and earn money.

    butt how i dont know , pls help me to start work

    Rgds, aamir

    • creating a websites is not difficult process, you need to buy domain and hosting from any good hosting company, if you want to create a professional website.

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