Right ways to earn online

People often ask the question, Is it really possible making money from the Internet? Or is it a scam?

online earning

The answer depends on how you want to earn money from the internet. If you want to earn  without the hard work, and want to earn hundreds of dollars in just a few hours, certainly it’s  not possible.

While browsing on the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and even ads that appear in newspapers, you might have viewed many   attractive adds regarding the online earning, like work at home and earn thousands of rupees in a few hours. This article will help you to understand the right ways to earn online.

Is online earning a fraud or skill?

online earning is possible

Yes online earning is possible, but you need to know to real ways of online earning.

Making money from the Internet is impossible without the hard work. No one will give you money. If any website or institute claim that earning without hard work is possible, telling a lie.

Their purpose may be to earn from you, so be aware of such schemes.

Right ways to earn online.

# 1 Google Ad sense

# 2 Ways to make money with Youtube

# 3 Free lancing  odesk.com , vworker.com, freelancer.com etc

# 4 Making money with Forex (Urdu Video)

# 5 Articles writing jobs

# 6 Earning by blogging

# 7 Become online tutor

# 8  Selling on eBay,  Alibaba etc


    1. Raheel khan

      online earning programs depends upon data entry. So each entry pays dollars. u first have to fill online registeration from then u have to be an athentic user from the client. And so the client or the other user will give some task such as different entry programs level for example 5000 entry in a day, so this task depends upon suggested dollars in a day or depend upon 100 entries per 1 dollar. let see how u work with the users or client…

    1. Hassan Rahim

      Assalam u alaikum sir I have passed BBA graduation student so I will start part time job plzzzzzzzzzz how is work and how is earn money and how is doing work.plz tell about this

    2. Malik Temoor

      i have some projects about online earning
      if you join these project then you earn a good monthly and weekly income.
      contact for detail.

  1. Amir

    AoA Akhter Bhai.
    Please suggest me how to start online job I am already wastage of time on fake websites like copy paste, form filling, ad scene so please suggest me right website to start work and good earn.

  2. Qamar abbasi

    I am working in call center as an agent in Islamic online Quran acaedmy . Actually nothing response in there eurpion countrys . I have communications skills . So suggest me about any online work. Who s very earnfull. Like online marketing . Help me sir about that’s .

  3. Furqan A Qureshi

    i gi through ur comments section, and found this a worthy and informative service u extend to those who has no idea HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE. i am generating 6 figure money by writing articles online on upwork (formally Odesk) since last 4 years. thanks for ur support to newbies!!!

  4. Usman munir

    sir i am a graphic, web, & application designer, so i want to need your help please,, and i want to know you, how can i start working in home, if you have any idea about, so please give me imformation,..

  5. anwar aftab

    Salam sir my english and typing is good i want to work online to earn some money i need information how can be possible to work online i had sign up for alot of wapsites like fiver, freelance but it did,t work because it is much difficult to take 1st project.

  6. sarmad

    Dear I am to much needy and wanna earn at home for my family a a part time so pls advise me what can i earn my online at home…. I am good typist but not quick learner… awating… sarmad

  7. Naureen Ishaq

    Your site is quite informative.and video guides will be morw helpful in this regard.
    I want to ask you first about ptc sites like neobux is there any scope of profit working with them or not?
    Secondly what about Bitcoin .is it possible to earn bitcoins online in pakistan
    Kindly reply to my queries

  8. Denaz

    Please guide all those who need this job how to write a blog or free Lancing easy method most of the house wives are not completely computer literate including myself

  9. Sibtain Raza

    Sir, please guide me to help on line earning though I am about 57 years and teaching in private school, yet I think I can do this and hope it will help me to increase my earnings which I need most.

    1. Akhtar

      I am happy that you are thinking to earn online, of course online earning is possible, I am working on video guide, where you will learn about different online practical earning methods.



         Most respect I beg to state that my father is working in general post as a village and he is a drawing a salary of Rs 15000.p.m.He is a poor man and his a large family to support. He cannot afford the expenses of his family. I therefore request you to kindly given me job.I hope that you will cosider my case sympatheticall(y 03062700678)

      1. Akhtar

        Every person has his own skills and ideas, I can not suggest you any one method, Every methods in this articles is real, I am working on the detail further guide in Urdu videos. Learn creating a professional website may helpful for online earning.

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