Website purpose and ideas

Website purpose and ideas

It is quite amazing. Many website are created without any real idea behind it. No idea about the structure, no idea about the theme, no idea about the content.   Set up a web project and hope that it is a brilliant idea really sounds like not very intelligent. In this tutorial I will show you the best and planned way. A way of structuring the website.

Find Internet ideas for the website

To have the right idea for the website is actually already the most important point in planning. The entire structure of website based on it.

When you have a private website you just be aware at what your interests are. Do you read books, you play sports (which ones?), Do you play online games, listen to music you like, or you repair hardware? Think about where your core competencies – in whatever topic you have a large knowledge? Ask your friends  for advice on topics. This issue should be the subject of the website.

Some examples of new websites:

  • If you like reading books – create an internet project about the books you have read. Write a summary about them and offer the user the ability to write comments about the books. Create a personal ranking of the 10 best books you must read and update this regularly – and the site alive.
  • If you like to play sports – create a club website for your club. Set a news block out and integrate a forum in which your actual results and future events can discuss. Integrating a photo album in which the visitors to your website as football can upload the best photos from the last party.
  • If you like to listen to music – create a website on regional bands, write an event calendar with the tour dates of the bands. Offer the bands that you post their videos and pictures. Here you can also create an online shop where you sell CDs and merchandise of the bands.
  • If you like to visiting places – make a website about the places you have visited before. Write short reports on romantic places, cool pubs and the best places to relax. Also ask your friends for their favorite places. You’ll be surprised how many people live for years in your area, who have never seen your recommendations.You do each of your fellow citizens a big favor. And who knows, maybe the local newspaper writes later times an article about you and your city – ask them!

Write down any ideas that you have. You can write about your most interested topic. Leave you much time as you need – a day or one week. No one forces you. And do not expect that this process will complete in 15 minutes. If you believe that you have written down all the topics, choose one wisely and follow it consistently. Remember that in this election, which is to meet here, the work of the next following days. You put the Structure according to the theme of the website planning to, you write lyrics to Looking corresponding photos.

The theme of the website should also be dependent on your personality. If you can not write reports and texts, you should raise no text-heavy web project. If you’re just a little communicative, cultivating a community will not be successful. And if you do not like to learn new things, you should not ever begin to create a website.

If you’re not sure about the topic, ask friends and relatives for their opinion. I myself have just started back then and now I have a project including over dozens thousand visitors daily. This works of course only if you like the theme and you are updating your website regularly.

Make the “400-word test.” Write to the topic of your choice a text with 400 words. There may already be an introductory text or a description of the site structure or a description of the way forward. If you can not write 400 words about your topic, you are looking for another, because over here you will never be able to build a website!

What is the purpose of the website?

Create any website with the intention that you want to earn money on the internet.While there are many websites that deal with the issue  “make money fast” , but virtually none of them is successful. Why? The answer is quite simple. If you are doing something that you have not much idea of ​​the particular topic, you design just a boring website without depth. And the readers will not like your contents, and visitors notice this rather quickly and leaves them just as quickly. Then, in order to escape from this situation only helps visitors to buy for cash or in other words, once you have to invest a lot of money in order to earn a few cents you will get.

The best and most promising way is to share that which you understand the most.Therefore Make pages for people. Build an Internet project that the site visitors excited. Create a website about your knowledge, your idea, your hobbies – and you’ll see that your visitors or your website brings you what you want to have: personal satisfaction or expected revenue.

1.Select Topic 2. Register a Domain 3. Choose a web hosting 4. Website installation