6 Best Ways To Earn Money Online 2021

The Internet has reshaped this world so quickly in the last 20 years. By the start of the 20th-century internet was considered to be an escape from the real world. But now the real world is an escape from the internet. People are tired enough to work in the office from 9 to 5. The best alternative is the internet.

There are a number of ways to make money on the internet. But here we shall discussed best 6 ways. If you are aiming to live life on the internet this video is for you. Watch it carefully

6 Best Ways To Earn Money Online from the comfort of your home,

Everybody finds it quite interesting to be able to earn online through the internet. We’ll share some of the best ways to do that. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and you can start earning a decent amount of money working from the comfort of your home. But in order to be successful in online earning, you have to be:


  • Hardworking
  • Patient
  • To Keep Learning

There are certain methods that work without any investment, some of them equie investment, and others need your confidence and/or skills. No matter which method you choose to earn online, you need to be consistent and work for at least 3 months before you start earning. So don’t lose heart if you don’t become successful in starting.

Here are the top 6 ways to earn money online:

6. Earn by Article Writing

If you’re good in writing, article writing is one of the best ways of earning online. You should be good enough to write on different topics. Here are some genuine websites that you can earn from by writing articles for them.
You’ve to register there first, and start writing. Some of them pay per article, but some even pay you according to your demands if you have experience and are really good at it. Avoid plagiarism and be professional. The more you provide original content, the more experience you’ll gain as well as goodwill, and hence better earning. If you copy other writers’ content, you’ll be instantly banned you can’t fool anyone with plagiarism. Be consistent.

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5. Online earning  by Teaching

If you’ve knowledge/skill others can benefit from, online teaching is the thing for you. Here are some websites you can earn from, by online teaching.
First you have to create your account on the website, then create your content and you can earn on demand for your work. You’ll have to work hard in the start, you’ll have to create videos of your whole course. To win other people’s trust you should either keep your content free there or on heavy discount. Once you become popular and people start trusting you, you can start charging them according to your needs. But yes, first let the students that started free, complete their courses. Provide quality content, so that your students are satisfied enough to spread good word about you.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is one method through which you can earn alot. What you have to do is, promote the products of other online stores. You will provide the links of particular products and when someone buys their product through your link, you’ll start earning from that online store through commission. Different stores provide different percentages on their profit as commission, which also depends on the type of product you’re promoting.
You can do affiliate marketing through your website, social media, and/or Youtube channel. Youtube channel is free of cost so you need no investment for that. Some of those online stores are:
Through Youtube channel, you promote products by sharing the shortened link (copy the product’s url and shorten it through websites like shorten.st) of that product below your videos in the text area. When someone clicks open that link and buys any product from that store you’ll earn your said commission. In similar way, if you have large group of followers on your Facebook page/group, you can share the product’s link there and start earning when someone buys through that link. You can do the same on your website as well.

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3. Earning by Freelancing

If you have skills you can sell them through freelancing. Some of such skills are; Graphic designing, Web development, Content writing, etc. There are some great websites you can earn from through freelancing. Some of them are:
99 designs
First you have to get registered on the website and then give an informative description about your skill there. Form your gig and you can demand your own price that buyers will have to pay in order to have their work done by you. This work needs hardwork, you have to create very good portfolio, provide quality content to your buyers to gain goodwill etc. In the start, altleat 2 months are difficult, but don’t lose heart, stay consistent you’ll get there. Keep your rates low in start, one of the factors buyers will prefer you is your affordable rate.

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2. Make money by Blogging

Blogging needs lots of hardwork and dedication, but it does pay you back. You’ll have to buy the domain first, write articles for it, provide information for your viewers about multiple subjects, and try to draw traffic for it. You can create Google Adsense account for earning through your viewers.

1. Earning online by Youtube

Youtube is a platform from which you can earn alot of money, all you need is confidence and skills. No invesment is needed for creating your own Youtube channel. It’s free, easy to keep up with.
Whichever skill/talent you have, you can make videos of it. Start will feel difficult but as you keep making videos you’ll become pro at this, you’ll gain more confidence with the passage of time, the quality of your videos will improve and you’ll attract more viewers.
Creating your Youtube channel is free, upload your videos and create Google Adsense account free for earning through your Youtube viewership. There are also other options such as Freedom for earning as well. Depends on your comfort and ease.

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      Recently facebook.com is starting monetizing program like youtube.com detail is coming soon

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      Just join upwork.com to start online work

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        No specific skill is required to start online business. Now creating a website/blog is pretty easy with the WordPress. Just follow my step by step guide to create today.http://www.howtowb.com/how-to-install-wordpress-on-xampp-local-host/
        you can launch online after creating on your local computer, write unique articles about your favorite topic. There are many ways to monetize your website/blog.

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        It is not difficult to find about fake website, it any one demand money as registration fee, such site are mosly fake. Go to https://www.scamadviser.com and type the website, which you want to enquire about. This website will tell you everything.

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      you can promote youtube chanel by social media, especially by facebook. soon publishing a detail practical guide to promote your onl9ine business.

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        Create a website, and display your garments on your website, and sell online, in this way you can reach more customers.

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