How to get jobs on Elance and Odesk

Work on Elance and Odesk

Thousands of Pakistanis are making handsome money from Odesk and Elance. In case of consultation regarding freelancing websites, it is not necessary that you blindly follow the lead. Make sure to research the work, which you are pondering over. This will give you better knowledge and scope. If you wish to acquire work without any hassle, then Elance or oDesk are the best options for you.

Register with either of the two websites. O Desk comes highly recommended. Make sure to go through their terms and conditions. If you are confident about the skills and expertise you possess, then take the relevant test. The test will help to ordain and determine your level of expertise. The test is completely free. Clearing the test, or obtaining highest marks in it, will make your profile more valuable. Other than the skill and expertise test, there is also a basic entry level test. The purpose of the test is to test you on the terms and conditions of O Desk. It is meant to inform you of your level of awareness and knowledge. If you succeed in clearing these tests, this will prioritize you, in the eyes of the employer. These tests can also be cleared through various short cuts over the internet. But something like this is never advisable. It is always better to trust one’s own skill and ability.

To acquire work at a freelance website, workers have to bid. Employers, post details of their project on the job board or platform. Persons who can accomplish the task, bid on it. They propose the time duration and remuneration for which they will complete the project. The employer assigns the project to a worker, based on the profile of the worker and ratings on O Desk. Usually, the projects or jobs offered at ODesk fall into two categories. The first category, involves jobs which have a predetermine budget. This budget is stated while posting the job. The second category, involves jobs or projects, which pay on per hour basis. No matter the category, the only way to acquire a job, is to bid for it. All said and done, a small matter requires clarification with regards to ODesk payment policy. ODesk claims responsibility only for projects, which tend to pay on per hour basis. Whereas, ODesk does not adhere to responsibility with regards to budget based projects. This is observed and implemented for a simple reason. In case of non-payment by a client, of a completed project, the reputation of ODesk is at stake. This law prevents that from happening.

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When it comes to acquiring a project, a very tough competition can be observed among freelancers. Unemployed or newbies, tend to bid at extremely low rates. This allows them to acquire the project easily. You can also apply this method in the beginning. Once you have managed to make a name for yourself and value for your account, then do not use this method. Do not offer to work on a project at low prices. Ask for a pay, that is befitting your experience and skill.

Acquiring work initially is a painstakingly difficult job. After bidding for a project, one has to wait for considerable periods at a time. There is no guarantee at all, of being selected for a project. This makes freelancing a difficult and stressful job. Do not loose heart and stick to being patient while working, and Allah ensures success in the end.

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Keep these pointers in mind, while bidding for any project.

  • Before you bid for a project, thoroughly go through the project directions and details. Make sure that you can complete the job in due time. In case, if you are unable to complete the task at hand, this will have drastic implications for you. Incomplete projects lead to the employer posting negative comments on your profile. Negative comments tend to damage your reputation. Employers read previous comments before selecting a worker. This will mean that any other employer will hesitate to select you for a project.
  • Although, the percentage of fraud is virtually non-existent on O Desk. Yet, make sure to thoroughly go through the profile of the employer. Make sure to check the previous track record for payments. Also, read the comments. The profile will let you easily analyze, as to what is the track record of the employer. Clients or employers who have recently joined O Desk, should be thoroughly checked. Do not accept a project without complete satisfaction. Try and avoid working with Indian clients.
  • I sincerely hope that may you succeed in acquiring work soon. While bidding for any project, demand an advance payment from the client. At least, twenty percent of the payment should be demanded in advance. Very few clients will turn down a request for advance payment. The advance payment which the client transfers to your account, can only be withdrawn after the completion of the project.
  • Always be cordial while communicating with clients, whom you work for. Cordiality can lead to establishing a strong relationship with your client.
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While working on the internet, guidance and training is welcome, every step of the way. Unfortunately, no one has time enough to do this, free of cost. Currently, in Pakistan, from 5 thousand to 10 thousand Pakistani rupees are being charged, for freelance training. The training encompasses freelance account registration and management. Google search is the best way to avoid the hefty fee for learning to run a freelancer account and much more. I am confident that you will succeed. Two years earlier, I created an account on ODesk, and for guidance, I only reverted to Google and the O Desk help section.

As soon as you hand over a completed project, the employer will deposit the payment into your account. O Desk charges a 10% percent commission on your earnings. The remaining amount is transferred to your account. This income is Halal. You can claim the money either through bank transfer or western union. To find out about further payment modes, consult the O Desk payment methods. Choose the method which suits you best.

In the end, I would like to request all readers that they should aim for proficiency in the English language. Earning a handsome living through the internet, requires more than just talent and skill. You have to be an expert in the English language. There are many who are now dependent on the internet for making a full time living. You should also think seriously if you wish to be one of them and make internet your source of income.

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