How can I make $1000 a month in blogging?

Before we Discuss How can we make $1000 a month in blogging firstly we will discuss What is Blogging.

Blogging means creating written content either informative or descriptive and share it on the internet on regular basis.
The actual Word is Weblog. Weblog started in the early 90th century. By the start, people used weblog to log the details of daily routine life as they do so in Diary. By that time people start using Weblog to save their daily routine activities instead of hard copied diaries.

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People used weblog writing in the early nineties to share their personal information. In the late nineties, a new idea of MOB (Multi-Author Blog ) started. In MOB there can be more than 1 writer of a blog and the blog does not depict the private life of someone like a weblog.

But a Blog gives a Detailed description/information of any particular Niche eg News, Tourism. Sports, etc. This was the start of professional Blogging.

How to start a Blog?

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Earning by blog

There is a number of ways by which we can make more than $1000 via Blogging. First, we shall have a brief discussion about Starting a blog. To start a Blog Firstly, you should think about Niche of the blog on which you will start producing content.

Niche means a set of topics about which your content is gonna ramble around. That may be sports, travel. News or anything. Take time before selecting Niche for your website because you cannot change it easily after selecting Nich for once.

My recommendation as a Blogger to you is to select an evergreen Nich. Because writing content on evergreen Niche will pay you for lifetime whereas writing on hot topics and News will give You temporary benefit. Some Evergreen Niches are

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  • Health
  • Business
  • Ways To Create Money
  • Famous Personalities
  • Mental Health
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Wealth
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If you select any of these and produce attractive content on these it is going to pay you for the lifetime. You can easily make more than $1000 a month in blogging by Producing SEO-optimized content on the above Niches.

Buy a Domain and Hosting :

After selecting a Niche second thing that you will have to do is to find a Domain name that does match your Niche. Do some research work before selecting a domain name so that it matches your Niche.

Secondly, you will have to buy proper hosting to host your Domain. As a Blogger, I shall recommend you not to spend so much money on expensive hosting. You can easily purchase shared hosting for less than 50 USD to start with.

After buying Domain and Hosting you will have to install word press and do some basic Customization. After doing this your Blog is ready to make $1000 a month by blogging.

Content Creation that Enables us to make $1000 a month blogging:

In order to make $1000 a month by blogging the one thing that you have to rely on is content. These are the few things that you have to keep in mind while creating content as a Blogger.

  • Firstly, you have to create content according to your target audience.
  • Do not give extra length to your content rather create comprehensive content.
  • Do proper research before writing and try level best to give maximum information to the readers.
  • Your content must be optimized according to search Engine Optimization.
  • Create the content on topics that are evergreen and always keep updating your content with time.
  • Do not try to spam or copy the content of any other website that can cause your Adsence to be Blocked.

A number of ways to make $1000 a month by blogging:

You can Earn by …

Google Adsense Approval to make $1000 a month in blogging:

Generally Earning by Google Adsense is considered to be the earning by Blog but actually, it is one of the ways to generate income by Blog. To start generating income by the blog we have to do steps as under.

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Tips and Tricks to Get Adsense Approval :

To start earning, firstly we need an approved Google Adsense account. Google Adsense will start to show ads on your site after your site gets approved for that. To get your site approved follow these basic principles.

  • Write Unique articles on the content that users search that attracts Organic traffic.
  • Your content must be optimized according to SEO.
  • Must create About us page and Contact us page before applying for the approval by Google Adsense
  • Your website must be at least 3 months old
  • It contains a minimum of 30 articles
  • Getting approval by Adsense is not very difficult but you will have to follow the rules and regulations by Google AdSense after getting yourself approved as you will be Blocked for a lifetime in case of serious Violation.

You will be able to get your site approved within three months in case you follow the above tricks smartly.

After getting the site approved the main target will be to attract traffic to the site that can make $1000 a month in blogging. There are three main ways to attract traffic to your site.

Traffic by Social Media:

The easiest way to attract free traffic to your website is by Social Media sites. These sites include

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Wats app
  • Instagram
  • Tumbler
  • WeChat
  • Qzone
  • Pinterest
  • Tik Tok

You can draw quite healthy traffic to these websites by sharing links to your website on these sites.

Traffic By SEO or Organic traffic:

The traffic that reaches the site by searching content in Google search bar is called Organic traffic.

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This traffic is highly preferred by Google Adsense. Traffic by SEO is the traffic that will pay you for your lifetime.

SEO to make $1000 a month in blogging:

Although, SEO will not start making money at once it will definitely start doing it after some time. The main points of SEO are

  • Find best key word
  • Try to make content on the topics that people usually search
  • Using Best Tools for finding out key word
  • Using Keyword properly in the Content.

Find Best Keyword:

keywords are the word that people write in the Google Search bar to find out what they are looking for. Eg, if we want to watch a cricket match we shall write a Live match, or Live cricket match, or Live Streaming of a match.

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There is a number of search tools that can help you out to find out attractive Keywords for you such as uber suggest, keyword, hire, etc.

For a good keyword, you have to keep in mind

  • Search volume: it means the number of people who are searching this on a monthly basis
  • Seo Difficulty
  • All in the title: it means the number of bloggers using it as a keyword.

The mistake that a number of bloggers do by the start, is that they go for highly search Volume keywords. They do not consider low-volume keywords thus it becomes difficult for them to Rank.

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To get your site rank, by the start you should go for low Volume keywords with fewer all-in titles. Thus you will be able to compete easily.

If you get your site ranked on low Competition keywords then you can gradually go for higher volume keywords. Thus you will be able to grab more traffic to your website. Thus by growing more traffic you will be able to make more than $1000 a month in blogging.