How To Earn Money From Facebook

There are several ways to earn money from Facebook, and there are people who have got their grasp on how to earn efficiently through Facebook and made it their only source of income. If you are interested in getting to know how to do that, we are about to mention almost all of the different ways you can earn through Facebook.

From Google Adsense through Facebook

To earn from Google Adsense through Facebook, you have to make a Google Adsense account, then you create a Facebook page of your website (you have to have a website ofcourse). Once you’ve done that you daily post some ad on this Facebook page from your website, and share the link of your website’s article/content here. For example, your website has an article about how to earn money online, you share the link to that particular content on your Facebook page & people start clicking that link open.
When someone clicks on that link and visits your website you earn from that visit and so on. If the visitor finds your website interesting and keeps opening various articles/content within your website your earning rises with that too. But do keep your Facebook page active.

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Pay Per Download & Cost Per Action

You must have observed some Facebook pages of certain game/software websites that offer you free to download games and softwares. For Example, there’s a Facebook page called Clash Of Clans that have a website offering free downloads of games. Now if they have shared a certain game’s link on their Facebook page to download free from their website, you click open that link and visit their website for download purpose. You think you’re the one about to get something free from their website but eventually they’re the ones earning from your actions.
You click open the link to their website and they ask you to sign up to be able to download the game for free. You start signing up and the website starts earning. That particular website (& many others) earn from each of your action/click.

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Shorten Urls

There are several websites that pay you for that too, you should first search through Google ‘the url shorteners’. Then you enter your website link that you later want to share on your Facebook page, once you have shortened your website url, you share that link on Facebook and start earning by as many clicks as you get by your viewers. One of those website is

Pay Per Click:

You can earn by the amount of clicks you get by sharing the links that are not even from your own website. For that purpose, first visit
Step 1: Sign up
Step 2: Get link
Step 3: Share the link
Step 4: Get Money
Once you’ve signed up, you’ll find various stories on that viral9. You can choose any one of them at a time and share it on your Facebook page. You will be paid per clicks and also according to the viewers’ area. There are different payment rates for clicks from different countries.
There are other similar websites like, etc.

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Sell The Traffic:

In case you’re lucky enough to have a Facebook page or group that has many followers, then you can sell your traffic to someone who wants you to share the link to their content on your page/group. You can do that on monthly basis too, by asking for a specific amount from that person. This way you can earn a regular monthly income from someone who wants to use your page/group’s traffic to their advantage. It’s called renting the page too.

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