How to get google AdSense approval for website

In this article, we shall guide you about how to get google AdSense approval for the website.

The trend of creating Online earnings is growing at a rapid rate as people are sick of working 9 to 5 in the office. They want freedom in life along with earning.

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Earning by Google Adsence is considered to be most wonderful way as it does not require so much effort. However, it requires you some time to start off.

How to create Google AdSense Account :

Before you get Google Adsense approval on the site you require a Google Adsense account. Firstly, we will discuss how to create a Google Adsense account.

Creating Google Adsense Account:

To create a Google Adsense account you will have to visit the site Google Adsence

As you are gonna create an account thus click get started. Fill al the columns and give Site URL and Email. You require email for having a google adsense account. Create E-mail in case you do not have it before you create Google Adsense Account.

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Watch this video to create an account in case you have not created it yet. then we shall discuss How to get google AdSense approval for the website.

How to get google AdSense approval for website:

Google is the greatest company on the internet and it Continusely changes its policies rules and regulations. Thus I recommend you to keep in touch with that and keep yourself updated with google Policies.

Because in case of Violation you can be permanently banned. The simple rule is Google s wants you to create content that is helpful and informative for users.

Tips to get google AdSense approval for website

  • Unique Content
  • The domain must be at least 3 months old
  • There must be almost 100 Users visiting your site Daily
  • Try to attract most of the traffic by SEO
  • You must be aging more than 18 years.

Unique Content :

Content that you write on the blog must be unique. Google prefer the content on topics that are attractive but do not have so much content written on them by Bloggers.

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Actually, Google has nothing to do with it but it demands output. The single way to get output(good traffic) is healthy content. Content on the topics that people want to search about. Healthy content is the king to get google AdSense approval for the website.

You must write at least 20 to 30 articles before you send your website to get approved by Google Adsense. Each article must be more than 500 hundred words at least. As Google prefers to have a rich amount of content before giving approval.

If you are not a good writer you can make someone write content for you. There is a number of content writers on freelancing websites that can provide you with healthy content.

After you get google AdSense approval for website:

If you succeed to have an approved Google Adsense account you can use it for more than 1 website. But rules will be the same all of those websites must contain 15 to 20 Unique articles. The domain of all those must be 3 months old.

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Pin Verification after we get google AdSense approval for the website:

After we get google AdSense approval for website ads start to run on the site. As ads run on the site we get our revenue to be generated until it reaches 10 dollars. After 10 Dollars google will send us Mail to our country address to confirm our country.

  • After country, timezone confermation you can recieve money in Bank account
  • Country can not be changed in google Adsense Address
  • If we changed our Nationality we shall have to apply for Google Adsense by the start.

Copying the idea or content of someone else is highly prohibited. Or attracting users by spam or software can cause blockage of your Adsense account. Furthermore, attracting all traffic by highly paid ads is also discouraged by Google.