How to start a YouTube channel and Generate Income

In this article, we are going to discuss, How to start a Youtube channel and start making income. We shall Discuss how can a Youtube channel produce income in more than 1 stream.

Internet has changed this world in a very quick succession of time. Communication was very difficult not very long ago. But by the start of this century Internet has reshaped world into a small Village.

Out of Millions of websites present on the internet, Google is the most visited website on daily basis. More than 2 billion users visit google Daily.

For videos, Google had Launched Youtube in 2006. Now it is the greatest Video platform in the World with the second most searched engine after Google.

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How to start a youtube channel:

To create a Youtube channel you need a Gmail account on your Mobile number. You can use a previous account or can create a new one. For complete details watch this video complete.

How to start a youtube channel and Generate Income by it:

There is a number of ways that you can use to generate a good income as you start a Youtube channel. Mostly when we discuss creating money by Youtube people means creating it by ads but that is not just a single way.

To learn how to create money by Blogging

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Generate income by Google Adsense:

The most Popular way you generate money after Youtube Channel is Earning Via Google Adsense.

To get your site approved with Google AdSense you need a minimum of 4000 Hour watch time and 1000 Subscriber.

To get Approval by Adsense Read

Select a Niche

Most YouTubers are disappointed as they do not get good responses to initial videos. The main reason for failure is that they do not select a particular niche and make random videos on more than one Niches. As a Youtuber, I recommend you to select one Niche and make all videos accordingly.

Secondly, do not try to grab users with attractive and fake thumnails. Although, it gives temperary advantage but in long term people start unsubcribing you.

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Ways to Generate Money by a youtube channel :

Google Adsense is not the only way to start producing income. You can also earn by.

  • Selling Products On Youtube Channel
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Promoting the products of Brands.
  • Giving review to brands.
  • Promoting other content creators on Youtube.

You can also make money by a Youtube channel in more than one streams that are discussed above. One most commen way of producing income is definately Google Adsence thus make money by Adsense along with other streams.