Online earning through freelance websites

Make Your Internet Career as a Freelancer

Being Skilled and having a Grasp over English, Lets you avail numerous internet earning opportunities

When it comes to working on the internet, it is generally assumed that working only a couple of hours will make one filthy rich. But this is just a fallacy. If one dreams of becoming rich, he has to work as hard for it as well. People who do not hesitate to work hard and with dedication, have acquired employment for themselves through the internet.freelancing1

Not only they have been able to acquire full time employment, rather they are also making a good living out of it. The Internet offers a variety of ways to make money. Like; freelancing, Google AdSense, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Data Entry, Medical Transcription, e-shop, Online Quran Tuition or Online Quran Coaching, Social Media Marketing, sale and purchase of websites and Facebook like pages, twitter, photography, authoring an e-book, selling domain names, and sale of back links.

Many websites also offer domain name flipping facilities. Many of the websites and platforms offer micro jobs. is one of the most well-known websites for micro jobs. The amazing thing about this website is that you can perform micro jobs for 5 dollars each.  You can also present your unique skills and talents to consumers or employers. Many youngsters in Pakistan have made hundreds of dollars by presenting their services on Fiverr. From the 5 dollars, which you are entitled to for providing your services, Fiverr deducts a commission worth 1 dollar.

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Let’s take a look at online earning through freelancing.

Freelancers are independent virtual workers. These are skilled people, who offer their services and expertise on the internet. They offer their service after agreeing to a predetermined remuneration. These services are limited to the project or a specific time period, which is agreed upon, prior to starting work. The work which is acquired over the internet, is mostly home based. Currently, the internet acts as a hub for freelancers. There are countless opportunities, if one wishes to avail them seriously. Freelancing is not bound by gender, age or expertise. Anyone, with a skill and expertise, can acquire freelancing projects from freelancing websites or platforms. Anyone can become a freelancer. Whether you are unemployed or have spare time after your work hours, then you can freelance. Housewives, do not normally prefer working in offices, freelancing is the best option for them. If they excel in the English language, then they can easily make a healthy living from home.

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The internet offers a multitude of opportunities to earn a convenient income from home. You can work as;

  • An article or content writer
  • Translator
  • Website designer
  • Software developer
  • Sales specialist
  • Marketing specialist
  • Multimedia professional
  • Graphic designer and
  • Data entry operator

There are also those, who do not possess any special skills. Even so, if you are proficient in the English language; you can work as an article writer. Article writing provides a whole array of opportunities. Such people can work in the fields of;

  • Editing and proofreading
  • Word processing
  • Web content writing
  • E-book writing
  • Rewriting
  • Technical writing
  • Academic writing

People, who can work with video editing softwares and other softwares, like CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop; can make a handsome income.

To establish yourself as a freelancer, you can start by registering for free, on these websites:

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Top freelancing websites


All the above mentioned sites are reliable and trustworthy. There is a zero percent chance of being tricked here. As soon as you complete your work, the money is deposited in your account. No matter which website you choose, always educate yourself with the terms and conditions of the platform. Especially, take notice of the payment method that they use. You will need to make sure if it is supported in your country. Choose the website which suits you best and register. All freelancing websites offer free and premium member accounts. It is highly advisable to initially take advantage of the free account. Opting for a premium account will require you to pay a monthly fee. Take extreme precaution while registering with any freelance website. You will need to provide your name, which is printed on your Identity card. Mention all your skills and expertise in your profile. Do not brag, and mention skills which you do not possess.

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