10 Coolest free Apps For Your Mobile Phone

We need apps in our phone for fufilling different kinds of needs, and everybody loves things that are FREE! So here are 10 of the best free Apps you should definitely have in your phone. 1. SnapSeed   It is one of the best if not best photo editing app you’ll come across on internet. It is manufactured… Read More »

11 New Tricks Of WhatsApp You Didn’t Know About

WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging app, with 7 billion users only in India. So here are 11 tricks that will be quite useful for users all over the world. Tip # 11: Low Data Usage You often have limited data on your mobile phone and even if your phone has huge data capacity you want to… Read More »

How To Recover Deleted Data From Your SD Card (or USB)

It happens to all of us all the time. We accidentally and sometimes intentionally delete data from our SD card and later feel the need to retrieve it, it could be a bunch of photos,files/documents,videos,or our favorite audio songs. If you have lost your data or a part of it, and want to retrieve it, not all hope… Read More »

The lady earns 2.5 crore Dollars in a year, sitting at home via Internet. Learn how is this possible?

A 53 year-old female resident of the US state of Pennsylvania Linda laytmyn earned million dollars (about 2 billion 50 crore) through a website eBay. Linda told on the 20th anniversary of the eBay, the way she was able to sell the items on the Web site and earn big money.A 53 year-old female resident of the US… Read More »

Right ways to earn online

People often ask the question, Is it really possible making money from the Internet? Or is it a scam? The answer depends on how you want to earn money from the internet. If you want to earn  without the hard work, and want to earn hundreds of dollars in just a few hours, certainly it’s  not possible. While… Read More »

Google launched new Chrome extension to speed up browser.

Happy news for google chrome users. Now you can speed up your google chrome browser by installing “Great Suspender” extension.According to google, in the case of opening many tabs at a time, your system keep busy all the time in background, and uses lot of memory too. This cause your browser slow down. New extension will automatically stop… Read More »

A student earned Rupees 50 million

Pakistani young, talented students’ contributions are admired worldwide. Aziz, who is the  student of King Edward Medical College in Lahore, is one of the examples. He has earned 50 million in a short time, and now he has formed an international company. Aziz said in a recent interview, before the admission in MBBS, he had some free time,… Read More »