Part-time jobs in Dubai

Many people who visit or relocate to Dubai are interested in finding Part-time jobs in Dubai city but aren’t sure what they want to do.

There are many part-time jobs available in Dubai, including hospitality jobs, retail jobs, and office positions.

 The trick is finding the best jobs that fit your skills and interests, as well as meeting your financial needs and personal goals.

If you’re living in Dubai and would like to make some extra cash on the side, we’ve got five great part-time jobs in Dubai that will keep you busy, as well as bring in some extra cash.

Some ideas for Part time jobs in Dubai

Clerical Assistant:

The entry-level salary for a clerical assistant varies between $12,000 and $20,000 per year, depending on what skills you bring to the table.

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But, if you’re great with word processing and use Microsoft Office, it’s easy to find a job. Many companies, on top of your salary, offer a variety of benefits- from health insurance to retirement savings- at no additional cost.

 Seek part-time work at staffing agencies that specialize in office support or with local businesses that have just a few employees.

Freelance Writer:

Being skilled at writing and also having an interest in a certain subject will often lead you to consider becoming a freelance writer. It’s typical for freelance writers to write for a wide variety of clients such as businesses, corporations, magazines, newspapers, or online publications.

 Freelance writers are independent contractors who typically work for an hourly wage or on a per-project basis. Many of them work from home, though most maintain their day jobs to support themselves until they are ready to work for themselves.

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Virtual Assistant:

For anyone looking for a way to earn money remotely, becoming a virtual assistant is an excellent option.

 You can serve as a customer service specialist for an in-progress startup or social media manager for a major corporation.

 What’s your time worth?

Virtual assistants often charge per hour, so don’t you want more control over your work? Get started with Virtual Staff Finder or one of many other sites like it.

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Some Part-time jobs in Dubai

Data Entry Operator:

Data entry is a great way to break into one of these e-commerce companies. It’s also just a good, old-fashioned stay-at-home gig.

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Some companies like Appen and Spok allow you to make money online without having any education or certifications.

This company doesn’t require any previous experience, either. In order to start this side gig, you need to do very simple tasks like searching for data, filling out forms, or gathering information.

Online Tutor:

Rather than working as an online tutor as a second job, some people work it as their main gig. For example, if you’re knowledgeable about math, science, or history, you can set up your own business and tutor students over video chat.

Obviously, you need access to a video chat service like Skype or Google Hangouts. It would be more of a hassle to create videos with Screencast.