Starbucks Careers in Dubai | New Jobs Openings

Looking for an exciting opportunity with Starbucks Careers in Dubai? We are a leading global coffee chain known for our exceptional coffee-making expertise and are currently seeking dedicated, intelligent, skilled, and compassionate individuals to join our rapidly expanding network of restaurants, franchises, and companies. We have immediate job openings available, and we invite you to learn more about our company and the job location details.

Job Details :

Job LocationDubai ,UAE
Employer NameStarbucks
EducationEquivalent Degree/Diploma
Salary RangeUp to 3000 – 5000 Dirhams
SkillsGood communication Skills 
NationalityAny Nationality

About Starbucks :

Starbucks Corporation is an internationally recognized American multinational coffee chain headquartered in Washington, USA. Established in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker, Starbucks has grown into a global phenomenon with numerous restaurants and franchises worldwide. Our product range includes a wide variety of hot and cold beverages, ice cream, coffee beans, tea, cakes, sandwiches, breakfast items, smoothies, and more. In the United States, we also operate pumpkin coffee bean roasters.


Driven by our relentless dedication and substantial investments in advertising campaigns, Starbucks experienced exponential growth between 1987 and 2007. During this period of profitability, we were opening an average of two stores per day across the globe.

History of Starbucks :

Starbucks opened its first establishment in Washington, USA, in 1971, founded by three ambitious college students from San Francisco who were inspired by the renowned coffee roaster, Alfred Peet. Their passion for coffee led them to venture into their own coffee business. Initially, from 1971 to 1976, the company solely sold whole roasted coffee beans. However, during this time, they expanded their offerings to include green coffee beans, which were directly sourced from producers instead of relying on Peet’s.

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Between 1980 and 1990, Starbucks went public on the stock exchange, transitioning from a private to a public company. After years of remarkable growth, we successfully went public in June 1992, boasting 140 stores and initial sales of $73.5 million. Over time, our revenues increased exponentially, reaching $1.3 billion. Consequently, the company’s market value soared to approximately $271 million. Within just four months, Starbucks’ stock price surged by 70%, demonstrating exceptional growth and profitability.

How to Apply for Starbucks Careers?

If you are interested in pursuing Starbucks Careers in Dubai, UAE, please indicate the desired position in the subject line when applying for a job with us. Now is the perfect time to convert your passion into a rewarding part-time or full-time role with us. We kindly request that all applications be submitted in English.

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Starbucks Careers in Dubai | New Jobs Openings

Job NameLocationApply Now
BaristaBahrainApply Now
Supervisor-Regional ProcurementKuwaitApply Now
District ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply Now
Application Systems SupervisorKuwaitApply Now
Senior Manager-Procurement KuwaitApply Now