Bus Driver Jobs Available in Dammam (175 Position)

Howtbwb.com has recently posted a job opening for New Bus Driver positions in Dammam. This job was originally advertised by Saudi Arabia in Express News on 9th May 2023. The vacancies are available for skilled Bus Drivers in Saudi Arabia, and the application deadline is 5th August 2023. If you are interested in the New Bus Driver Jobs in Dammam (175 Vacancies), please get in touch with us using the provided contact information. We will provide you with more details about the position and its requirements.

Job Description:

The job description for New Bus Driver Jobs in Dammam (175 Vacancies) is as follows:

LocationSaudi Arabia
PositionBus Driver
Number of Positions175

Bus drivers play a vital role in safely and efficiently transporting passengers to their destinations. They are also responsible for the cleanliness and general maintenance of their assigned vehicles. Bus drivers can be employed by transportation companies, public schools, or government agencies.

In addition to driving the bus and ensuring passenger safety, bus drivers must strictly follow schedules to arrive at each stop on time. This requires excellent time management skills and the ability to navigate unfamiliar routes. Effective communication with dispatchers and other team members is essential to coordinate schedules and address any on-the-job issues.

Being a bus driver requires a high level of responsibility and attention to detail. Drivers must multitask effectively while maintaining focus on the road ahead.

Job Requirements:

Before applying for the New Bus Driver Jobs in Dammam (175 Vacancies), please carefully review the following job requirements:

  • Education: Not mentioned
  • Experience: Not mentioned
  • Application Deadline: 5th August 2023, 12:00:00 AM

How to Apply:

If you are interested in the New Bus Driver Jobs in Dammam (175 Vacancies), please contact us using the provided information. We will respond with more details about the job requirements and the application process.

Email : [email protected]

Contact Number : +92-0346-9623147