How To Earn Online Through Blogging

Generally, when someone takes about making money by Blogging, people think it to be making money by creating content. It is not the case, Blogging is a vast term, there are plenty of ways by which one can start making money by blogging.

Two main ways are

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing/

Here in this blog, we shall discuss ways to make money by blogging. This Video will help you a lot to make you understand blogging. You can earn by Blog even if you do not have enough audience.

You can earn a decent amount of money through blogging. There are various different ways to do so. Here we’ll be sharing different ways to earn money through blogging. You can write articles, tutorials, and informative content on your blog, all that is up to your own preferences.

Write Engaging Content

Think carefully about what you’re writing about. You should not just write about anything so that the viewers just come once read stuff ans never again care enough to visit your blog, you should select topics that will engage your target audience and they will keep coming back to your blog. For example, write about ways to make money, bodybuilding, yoga, hobbies like guitar playing, anything that you can write constantly about every day. Don’t write about content that targets a small audience and even you run out of content to write after some time. Blogging is a long-term game.

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blog earning

Post To Social Sites

Make your Facebook account, Twitter account, YouTube account, and other social media accounts to bring in viewers for your blog. These are things you need to build simultaneously and link them all together. You should not be focused on making money at this stage, all you should be concentrating on is building your reader base.

Affiliate Marketing

You promote products for other online stores and get a commission on every product sold through the link you provide in your blog. For example, you decide to do affiliate marketing for as it’s the world’s largest selling online store. First, you visit Amazon and create your account there and affiliate with them. Then you select any product you want to do the marketing for. Select the URL link of the product and copy-paste it to any preferable spot on your blog.
Half of that product’s profit will be paid to you by Amazon. Other than Amazon, you could do it for eBay, Alibaba, and many others.

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You can earn through your blog by providing design services, development services, teaching services, marketing services, all kinds of services and people will of course pay you on your demand.
Forget the services, forget the hand deliverable, you can earn by simply charging for your consultation. You could give your time for money, you could provide consultation for developing a website for someone, & project management.


You can earn by supporting small businesses, giving step by step support on how to use wordpress, how to do graphic designing, how to earn online for beginners tutorials, etc and much more. Anything that supports others in some way will for sure bring them back to your blog over and over again.

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Selling WordPress Themes

You can sell digital products through your blog of course, so you could create and sell word press themes there.


You could create writing apps for WordPress,management apps, logo apps. You can build your own apps and someone could download it to their desktop.

Membership Websites

You could sell membership to your websites in case you are providing consulting, coaching and you could be helping people make membership websites. You could go both ways with this membership idea.

Sell Stuff On Your Website

You could sell things directly on your website. It could be tangible physical products (t-shirts, self designed clothes, accessories, books,etc) or intangible products (video games, software ,apps,eBooks). Cash on delivery is a more famous payment method for physical products.

Writing Services

You could write stuff for money. Content writing is a service you could provide to buyers as per their demand of subject/topic.