4 Steps to create a free blog on WordPress

WordPress has eased the job of Web developers. Websites that took weeks to get built by coding now can be built in a matter of minutes. Websites by WordPress can be simply created by drag and drop. No pre skills no coding is required for making a blog by wordpress.

Watch this video carefully this will guide you thoroughly about making a blog by WordPress. Follow the steps to create it

Here is a step by step quick guide to create free blogs on WordPress.com, if you follow each step carefully, within few minutes, you will be the owner of a free blog. Remember free websites have lots of limitations, and only suitable for learning purpose. As free blogs are not professional, so you  can not  earn money through free blog.

You can create your own  professional looking website or blog  for spending less than Rs.5000. If want to purchase your own domain and hosting, it will cost less than Rs.5000 to start your own online  business.

Most of the websites  allow you to create a free blogor website, I recommend Blogger and WordPress.

Creating a free blog is very easy process, now lets start creating a free blog at wordpress.com.

Free blog on WordPress Step1:

Open your browser and type http://wordpress.com/signup

Now you can view Sign Up form, fill the form accordingly as shown in the image below.

  1. Type your email address in the first box.
  2. Type your user name in the next box and remember it, you will need it to log in again to edit or create your blog posts.
  3. Type your password. Your password must contain symbols, lower case letters and numbers. As shown in the image.
  4. In the next box, type the url (name) of your blog, if your desired domain is not available, try another, it will look like your blog. WordPress.com, all the free blog providers allow this type of url. You nan purchase your own professional looking domain in less than Rs.1500.
  5. Now scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on the CREATE A BLOG button as shown in the picture and go to the next step.




On the next page, You  will set up your  blog, Type the title of your blog, for example My Urdu blog, and in the next box type the tag line of your blog to describe your blog topic. You can select the language of your blog here.

Now click on the next step button to go to the Step 2. You have successfully completed the first step.


Free blog on WordPress Step 2:

In the step 2 you have to select  any theme for your blog, select a theme and click on the next step button.


Free blog on WordPress Step 3:

And now you at the theme customization page, don’t worry, you can customize it later easily. Go to the next step.

Free blog on WordPress Step 4:

Here you can connect your blog with your Facebook or twitter account to share your posts.


Click on the next step.

Now you have created your blog, and you are being asked to verify email address. Open your  inbox in a new window  and open the email sent by wordpress.com.  Confirm the link to verify your email.


You can publish your first post or skip this step. Now go to the dashboard to write your  posts, customize your blog and whatever you like to do.

Remember, whenever you need to create or edit your posts you have to log in your dashboard. To login your admin panel i.e dashboard type your blog URL followed by / and WP-admin.

For example: no1blog.wordpress.com/wp-admin.

Enter your user and password to log into your blog dashboard. If you have further question, please write in comments in detail. I will be happy to assist you.