4 ways to create a free blog/website

In this article, I want to introduce 4 fast, easy, and most important free methods to create your own free blog. Free blog resources will help you to learn a lot about blogs, writing content, it is not necessary to buy expensive hosting for your blog in the begging. There is a number of great and free options on the net to create a nice blog easily. At first, creating a free website or blog is a better option to learn and step into the world of blogging.

#1. Create a free blog on Blog Spot (blogger.com)


Step by step guide to create a free blog on Google

Blogger.com is a service from Google and allows you to create your own blog easily in a web interface. The service is free and can be combined directly with AdSense. The site is of course completely available in different languages. The setting options are quite easy, there is not only a set of design templates but also a large collection of ready-plugins “drag and drop” can be easily added to your own site. The creation of posts is as easy as one would only imagine, you can create your postings using WYSIWYG editor. Conclusion: For a free service you get very much on offer, for free, ad-free and very easy to use. Among the free blog providers definitely Blogger.com is my favorite!

#2. Create a free blog on weebly.com

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Weebly is ideal for beginners to create their own blog. After free registration blogs can be created. The name can be freely chosen and then a sub domain, ie in the way abcBlog.weebly.com. The choice of designs is large, but the edit options are very limited. Furthermore, the writing of Posts is only available via drag and drop, which can be a bit exhausting, especially for larger projects. The function to create pages is also available.Weebly is certainly very well-suited for larger projects.

#3. Create a free blog on Squidoo.com

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Making a blog or website on  Squidoo is  similar to Weebly, the possibilities are also a bit limited, but very suitable especially for beginners, but also for testing purposes. Conclusion: It is surely good  for beginners  not suitable for advanced level, or only for specific purposes, for example for link building. But again, free is just free!

#4. Create a free blog on wordpress.com

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Word press also give the opportunity to create a free blog. You can create a blog for free directly and without purchasing web hosting. To create a free blog,  log on to wordpress.com and enjoy the complete WordPress system, extended with some statistics and community enhancements. WordPress Themes and plugins can be used. Conclusion: Blogger.com is  the best free service in my opinion, you can also use other free services to create a free blog. However, WordPress is then not so easy to handle, especially for newbies, just like Blogger.com.