How To Recover Deleted Data From Your SD Card (or USB)

It happens to all of us all the time. We accidentally and sometimes intentionally delete data from our SD card and later feel the need to retrieve it, it could be a bunch of photos,files/documents,videos,or our favorite audio songs.
If you have lost your data or a part of it, and want to retrieve it, not all hope is lost. There are multiple ways to retrieve it and I am going to share one of them here,which is probably the easiest one. You’ll just have to go through easy to follow seven steps and BAM you’ve gotten your desired data back on your SD card where it belonged in the first place.
Follow all of the steps and you’ll have your deleted data restored back on your SD card or USB drive.
Step 1
Insert your SD card that needs data retrieval to the computer. You need internet connection on your PC. Open
Step 2
Type ‘sd data recovery’ in Google bar and click the search button, Google will give you multiple results with various websites. Now click the below mentioned website link:…/…
Step 3
The website page that opens will give you two options for download, click ‘Download for PC’ option, and download it (the size will be of approximately 15 MB).
Step 4
Install it on your computer.
Step 5
When you open the Recovery Wizzrd on your PC, it will give you all of the options, meaning either you can retrieve all types of data (audio,graphics,videos,documents,etc) or you can select only some of them. Depending on your needs, you can uncheck or check the items you want to retrieve.
Step 6
Then click ‘Next’ and click on your SD/USB drive in next type.
Step 7
Click on ‘Scan’. Even still your data is not retrieved you can click ‘Deep Scan’, all your desired (deleted) data will be restored on your SD/USB. But mostly the data is recovered by simply clicking the Scan button but in some rare cases, you can go through deep scan option and you’ll have your data recovered.
According to my personal experience, the data is recovered by the first step.