Huge Automobiles Driver Job In Saudia

Our team has taken various jobs from the Famous News Paper Jung. Famous Company Sharika Adarah is seeking a number of employees for various jobs. These jobs in Saudia are purely on a contract basis. The tenure of the contract is just two years from the start. Although, the company will have the right to increase the span of the Contract.

Job Title

  • Huge Automobiles Driver
  • Driver of Bus and other big Automobiles


The Company will be responsible for providing you with

  • Flats for Accomudation
  • Either Medical treatment or Allownce of medical
  • Extra time allownces
  • Transport in case your residence is not close to working place
  • Three times meal
  • all these facilities will be definatly other than basic pay.
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Pay Packages

The Basic pay package is 1200 Dirhams, if we include the overtime as well then they count to be 1500 Saudi Riyals.


You must have a minimum of two years of experience with any Heavy vehicle before. The company is not giving chance to the fresh candidates thus you must have previous experience as a truck driver before.

Furthermore, you must have a driving license issued by any Govt Authority. Age must be more than 20 and less than 55 years. Do not apply in case your age does not fall between 18 to 55.

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  • Company is hiring you on contract basis, Company can decline the contract at any time in case of any misconducty.
  • Company will not be bound to incrase the span of contract.
  • In case agreement of two years gets longer it will be on mutual understanding.
  • Company can also assign you other tasks that are related to your job during the Contract period.

Sourse Of Jobs

These jobs are taken by the most prominent News Paper Of Pakistan Jung. You can witness the Contact number as well as Address in the Advertisement.

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It is 92321 5099694, 92 Is Pakistan Code thus zero is replaced by 92 in case you are applying by any country other than Pakistan.

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