Jobs In Saudi Airlines

Saudi Airlines, one of the most famous Airlines is in seek of employees with experience. Saudi Airlines will provide all basic facilities to the workers other than the basic pay packages.

The location of the job will be Sharjah. But people from all over the world can apply for these jobs. The company wants the most experienced ones to get hired for these jobs. But in case you do not have any sort of experience you can still apply for Internships .

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Saudi Airlines is Offering Paid as well as Unpaid Internship programs for the New ones.

Jobs Saudi Airline
Appointment The first appointment will be in Sharjah
Country The nationality of the candidate does not matter
Qualification The basic qualification is a Diploma in the Relevant Field
Other Requirements Experience of at least two years
Facilities All the basic facilities will be provided by the company.
Security Health security will be by the company as Private Insurence
others Yearly Tickets and overtime allowances


Jobs in Saudi Airlines are in different fields.

  • Cashier
  • General Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Air hostess
  • Experience technition
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Requirements are different from post to post. But the Diploma in relevant field is needed for all candidates. The job will be offered only to candidates with previous experience. New ones will be hired on Entirenship. Some of these internships are leading to jobs. In most cases, Airline hires the entries as they are performing well during the internship.

While applying send detailed documents along with the attested Copies. Must send an attested copy of your experience certificate in case you have previous experience must send a copy of your experience certificate.

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The facilities that the Airline is going to provide the employees other than the basic Pay package will be

  • Complete Set of Dress/uniform during the service
  • Transport allownces
  • Free medical treatment in case required
  • 1 free ticket every year
  • Either residence or allownce in term of House rent.

How To apply

To apply for these jobs send us a CV at Emarat Group & Carrier For mention above Jobs as Well as Plenty of other jobs.