Jobs of Cooks in the United States

Several Jobs of Cook, as well as Dishwashers, are there to be filled by talented candidates. The basic demand is the experience of two years as a cook along with at least an intermediate Degree.

By the start, the company will provide basic training to the selected ones. Furthermore, the company will also provide monthly payments to the employees during the training. The company will provide all the basic facilities during training as well as after the selection. In case you have previous experience of more than two years must bring your experience certificate.

Job Titles

  • Cooks
  • Dishwashers
  • Waiters
  • Cleaners
  • Office Boy
Jobs Cooks, Dishwashers, Office boy
Qualification At least Intermediate
Experience Experienced will be preferred
Region People from all across the Globe can apply
Job Specification The job will be on the Contract basis
Duration The duration of the contract will be at least two years that can be exceeded.

Rules and Regulations

Those who get selected for the jobs must follow rules and regulations of the company

  • During the Corona you will have to follow all the SOP
  • Dish washer must clean the dishes with proper Hyigene as instructed by the company.
  • Duty hours will be 12 Hours, although you will have to work just for a few hours daily
  • But you will have to make sure the presence during all the 12 hours
  • In case of any Misbehaviour with staff, contract can be canceled
  • You will have to work more than Recommended time in case jobs demand. m


The company will Be responsible for providing you with the facilities during the job Time.

  • Proper Housing
  • Medical Treatment
  • Transport
  • Overtime Charges
  • All basic facilities that you need over there away from home.


To Apply f these jobs firstly you will have to make a CV that contains

all the Details of Yours. Along with an experience certificate and other Documents.

To apply For jobs Of Cooks and many More Open View And Apply