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There are several sales positions available in Dubai that provides excellent salaries and commissions in addition to base pay.

Depending on the business and level, sales professionals may make between 3000 AED and 20,000 AED annually.

Dubai provides qualified candidates with a tax-free wage, health insurance, and additional training possibilities.

Average salary in Sales sector


How can I find a sales job in Dubai on visit visa?

This is the most asked question by visitors inn Dubai. As they have very short time to find a better job. Don’t panic, here are some steps to help you.

Step One

Prepare your CV and promote it on Gulf employment sites. Check the reply about your resume.

Step two.

  1. Find a means to get in touch with a buddy there. Find out how much it will cost to live for three months. Make plans for the funds.
  2. Extend the 3-month visit visa. Plan your trip based on the previous interviews, to avoid wasting a lot of money.
  3. Try to attend the interviews as much as you can.
  4. Try to reach earlier at interview, so that you will get in touch with many other peoples, seeking for the job. Learn with their experience.
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Remember, Just sending CVs on jobs portal websites is not enough, be prepared for walk in interview.

Hope Within two months, you will at least obtain a job.

How to find jobs in Dubai on visit visa?

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How does working as a sales professional in Dubai?

One of the busiest industries in Dubai these days is sales.

It turns out to be one of the most profitable vocations as well.

Given this, there is also fierce rivalry. Therefore, having strong communication skills is essential, and knowing Arabic provides you additional benefit.

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The nature of the work counts as much in sales, however.

If you are granted a desk job, that is great. Otherwise, you will need to travel a lot, both inside Dubai and to other Emirates.

As a result, the majority of employers demand that you have a current UAE driver’s license as a requirement.

You can succeed as a sales executive if you have the proper credentials, so congrats.

How fast can I get a visit visa and a sales job in Dubai?

Well, that’s not very encouraging, but if you work very hard and are lucky enough to keep your “expectations” relatively modest, you could get a job offer before your visitor’s visa expires.

So here are my recommendations:

  • Get a three-month visit visa rather than a one-month one. Although it costs extra, you won’t have to count back 29 days from the airport (DXB) and add numerous hours of anxiety and lack of sleep.
  • Prepare your resume well in advance and bring many copies with you.
  • Bring enough of passport-size photos with you.
  • Formal dress is required at all occasions, including walk-ins and interviews (ideally a tie and suit). You can never predict when you may be needed. Never be unprepared.
  • Include on your resume a local address, a mobile number, and an email address
  • Interact with individuals from various backgrounds, not just those from your culture or nation.
  • Focus on mentally preparing to land and ace an interview before considering money, since you are likely to be given a reduced base wage
  • Having experience in the UAE makes it easier to select your resume for interviews, at least in the UAE.
  • Last but not least. Do not give up. Be ready to deal with rejections or days when firms don’t respond.
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