Steel Fixer Job Opportunities at Al Rashid Company in Saudi Arabia

We are pleased to announce an exciting job opportunity for Steel Fixer positions at Al Rashid Company in Saudi Arabia. This job was originally advertised by Saudi Arabia in Express News on 2023-05-25. The vacancies are open for skilled Steel Fixers, and the application deadline is 2023-07-31. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Steel Fixer at Al Rashid Company, please contact us using the provided information, and we will provide you with more details about the role.

Job Description:

LocationSaudi Arabia
PositionSteel Fixer
Number of PositionsNot Mentioned
SalarySAR1200 – SAR

Steel fixing is a specialized construction trade that requires expertise and experience in the installation of steel reinforcement bars. As a Steel Fixer, you will play a crucial role in creating safe, strong, and durable structures. Working closely with engineers, architects, and other skilled professionals, your primary responsibility will be the successful completion of construction projects.

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Key responsibilities of a Steel Fixer include cutting and bending steel bars to specified lengths using mechanical tools or manual techniques. These bars are then assembled into cages or mats, which are placed within the concrete formwork to provide structural support for various buildings such as bridges, high-rise buildings, and tunnels. Additionally, you will interpret blueprints and drawings to ensure that your work aligns with the specifications set by the engineering team.

Job Requirements:

Before applying for the Steel Fixer positions at Al Rashid Company in Saudi Arabia, please review the following requirements carefully:

  • Education: Not Mentioned
  • Experience: Not Mentioned
  • Application Deadline: 2023-07-31
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How to Apply:

If you are interested in pursuing Steel Fixer positions at Al Rashid Company in Saudi Arabia, kindly contact us using the provided information. We will respond promptly with further details about the application process and additional information about the role.

Contact: +92-0301-6637772 / 051-4927056


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