Beast Cheapest WordPress hosting 2021

webhostingThis is the 3rd step to building a website, other two steps are:

  1. Website idea
  2. Domain Registration

To make your website visible to the world you need to host it on a server, and for this, you must reserve storage space on a web host.

Choosing the Affordable web hosting for your website

Both offer Free domain for one year

There is free hosting, (I never suggest free web hosting, because over there, you have no full control and security over your valuable data ) but if you want maximum warranty and effectiveness of your webspace with a custom domain name, it will opt for a paid hosting.

Before you jump into buying your web space, you must think about the domain name that you choose for your site. You can reserve your domain at the time of buying web hosting. If you want advice on choosing a domain, read the article ‘ How to choose a good domain name.

Choose an affordable web hosting

All hosts offer roughly the same types of services and offer both packs, which include a domain name and often unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth email accounts, technical features necessary for the proper functioning of modern websites. (PHP-MySQL ..)

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The choice will mainly depend on the services incidental to storage can be very useful for your business as analytical tools, tools for SEO tools for communication (newsletters..) Technological safeguards for the security, credits for the launch of advertising campaigns (Google AdWords), file managers (which prevents you from installing an FTP software), free to integrate scripts (forum, photo gallery.) or even installation tools your site in 1 click (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal …).

I have found HostGator web hosting,   a very good and reliable hosting with an average price. Many of my websites are on HostGator,  so choosing Hostgator is a good choice.

Click here to Sign up for HostGator.


 iPage is a good choice if you want maximum cheap web hosting.

Ipage is really an Affordable web hosting, you can get 77% discount for first two years.  ipage offers a wide range of hosting options at a low cast. when you buy ipage hosting, you will be granted $175 for advertising your website on Google AdWords, Facebook, and yahoo. (If you are residing in USA, UK, USA….) Over ipage now offers geographic redundancy and ipage Click & Build (automatic installation of your Joomla, Worpress Site …) for all of its accommodations.

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This is the affordable web hosting that we recommend and we will provide you the complete guide to create your website. It is easy to use and the administrative interface of your space is quite intuitive. ipage offers two interesting services.

Click here to register ipage hosting

  • ipage WebTransfert that lets you transfer files from your computer to your webspace, which eliminates the need to install an FTP program
  • ipage Click & Build that offers many Open Source applications to be installed with a few clicks and easy to configure. Whether you want to create a blog, a dynamic website, a photo gallery, an e-shop, and more, the Click & Build Applications page will meet all your needs

Start your new website with the cheapest host, if you are not satisfied with your hosting provider, you can easily change your hosting company. We suggest hosting provider, which, in our opinion, best for you. This website, is also hosted on ipage hosting.

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Some of my websites are hosted on Hostgator web hosting, I have also found Hostgator perfect for my websites, but as compare to ipage hosting, it is a little expensive.

Buy Ipage hosting as low as $1.89/mo* and get free domain 1st year. Click here to buy your hosting. 

After registering, you will receive by email a few important information that will allow you to log in to your account and quickly get your site online:

The IP address of the server and/or the link to connect to the control panel.

Your login account (username/password) to use with the control panel (often it is Cpanel).

The addresses of two name servers (DNS) to use with your domain name. (Typically NS1 and NS2.EXAMPLENAMESERVER.COM).

1.Select Topic 2. Register a Domain 3. Choose a web hosting 4. Website installation