How to choose a perfect domain?

Choosing a domain name is not to be taken lightly. It’s almost a brand name associated with your website that have for a long time. This name can not easily be changed once the site is launched. This article presents the  best practices and tools to find the right domain name idea.

Importance of  the choice of  a perfect domain name:

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Remember, it is difficult to change the domain name once the site is up for the following reasons:

For referencing the seniority of a domain name is important. If you have a website for 1 year and you decide to change its name, so all this seniority is lost.

Important tips for choosing a perfect domain:

There are some tricks that help you to find a good domain name. The tricks sometimes used to acquire a small competitive advantage over the competition. Following are some great tips and ideas for a good domain name:

Characteristics of a perfect domain

  • Easy to remember
  • Short name
  • Faster to write

When a user type a letter in Google search bar, Google offered a list of search suggestions. With a short name, the search is faster and does not need to pass through many suggestions for queries that may be irrelevant.
When copy / paste a URL on a forum, the address is truncated when it is often too long.

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With a small domain, it occurs less following
Avoid surprises in spelling, users must be able to search the site without error.
A domain name that starts with a digit or with a “a” allows appear at the top of certain alphabetical rankings. Although nowadays are rarer alphabetic rankings.
Seeking the first letters of the name on Google, make sure that the other results do not have a negative meaning.
You can also find a domain with local extension i.e .pk, .us.

Keyword or brand name?

A common question is asked, whether it is better to opt for a domain name that has keywords, the name of a brand or both.

Reserving domain with keywords:

keyword domain has direct benefit for SEO. Keywords in the domain name is a criterion used by search engines to rank the results. This criterion is somewhat used for ranking on Google and is quite important for SEO.
Perquisite for SEO. Sites will make connections using the domain name in the anchor links. These anchors will indirectly help the site to get a good position in search results
When the visitor will see the name of the website, they prefer that site.

Advantages of using a brand name

Finding a shirt keyword domain in very difficult, but brand names domain can be find easily.Marketing a brand name can more easily
Google has improved its algorithms to not give much weight to domain names with the keywords in the URL (see Exact Match Domain (EMD) ). So have a name with keywords is not as beneficial for a good SEO
Increased confidence of the user. You prefer to buy a computer from “”, “LDLC” or “Amazon”? A brand name gives a little more credibility to a site

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Benefits of mixing the brand name and keywords

A compromise is sometimes used to combine the brand name with the tag of the theme.

Best represents the theme
Small advantage for SEO
Domain probably available

Domain with or without hyphen?

When the field is based on a compound name it is possible to use a hyphen to separate words. It is possible for example to hesitate between and

I think in United States  without hyphen domain is more appreciated.

SEO test showed that the version without indent was favored by Google. But this test is based on the first days of existence of sites and not a few months later when the site with dash could receive links with a well optimized anchor. It shall therefore be taken lightly results this little experiment.

Namely: for fairly generic terms: names without hyphens are often already taken.

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In either case, when it comes to spell the domain there may be errors. Therefore, some traffic may be wrong and go to a competitor’s site or a URL that does not exist. For this reason, if your website is a big project with great potential, it is recommended to book all the major possible variations (org. dash with no indent. pk. … Com). Just after performing a 301 redirect to one main domain name.
Check if it is a registered trademark.

Be careful if you think you have found a great name that nobody had thought before, just before committing the act of purchase must still check if it is not a name of an existing brand. It is possible to search in the This little search is fast and can easily see if you can create a brand name from your domain name.

Now it only remains to take a paper and a pencil and mark all the ideas of domain names that come to mind. Then it will go and check manually if the idea you have in mind is already made or if it is available. Good luck in your search.

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