Search engines optimization tips

seoWebsite optimization is the most important factor to get the free and unique traffic from Search engine. so your site must  be  search engine friendly. There are many important points for site optimization:

  •  Good and unique content.
  • Keyword research.
  • Back links from other websites.
  • Internal linking of individual pages with each other.
  • Choose the right keywords and proper description.
  • The correct use of headings (h1, h2, h3, … tags)
  • Upload Photos and image matching (alternative) use texts.

There are lot of factors, which are necessary for site optimization,

Of course there are many other factors involved in the success of your business, we have given only the outlines. It is very important to consider all search engine optimization tips and techniques, white writing your content.  If you are using Word
Press content management system, there are lot of useful  free extensions,  WordPress SEO Yoast is out of the box. Key word research is also very important, fortunately, there are many useful keyword research tools available like Adword key word tool.