Chose the best CMS for your website or blog

Content-Management-SystemA CMS can be use in most cases without knowledge of HTML.But first you should decide!Content management system is the best option. As mentioned above, it is incredibly easy to work with CMS to create your own website. Creating new pages, ading images and videos to publish on a website is almost as easy as creating documents with Word. The most popular content management systems are currently Joomla & WordPress. Where WordPress is currently the most used CMS. This will only come only the cost of the web hosting.

Advantages of using CMS:

  • No previous knowledge in the field of programming is required.
  • No additional software is necessary, it need only an Internet connection and a web browser.
  • Everything can  directly and easily  be created or modified, not only from home but from anywhere in the world.
  • It does not matter whether you are using Linux, Windows or Macintosh, a browser is always present when you go to the Internet.
  •  All the process is direct and online, content can be publish immediately, without the whole first upload to the Internet
  •  Easy to start and create content that works like a word processing program (by built-in WYSIWYG editor)
  •  Content is separated from design. If you change something in the content it does not disturb your website.
  • If, for example  static HTML pages need to  adds a menu item, each page must be changed individually, as content and design mixed together in a document. In a dynamic page, as is the case with a CMS, just the menu item is added and stored. On all websites the new point is added automatically now in the part of the menu and saves so much time and labor
  • Built-in search engine optimization. The structural design of the CMS are designed very search engine friendly and usually offer even more options for search engine optimization to such as Search Engine Friendly URLs automatically create sitemaps, etc. The whole meta tags for description, title, keywords, and so are a search engine optimization available .
  •  The same appearance (uniformity) of the individual websites, the elements can be found in  place and does not move anything on the next page.
  • Possibility to edit the site of several approaches from different people and which grant certain rights, what they are allowed to modify or publish
  • All the modules and plugins can be installed easily, to enhance the functions of website . The example may be a banner rotation, guestbook, counter, newsletters, booking systems, etc.
  • Products can published by time and also can be deactivated again.
  • Easy management and implementation of various media, such as images, audio and video files
  •  Automation of many functions
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