Jobs Of Factory Workers In Canada

Canada is a country having more than 10 Million Acres of fertile land. Whereas the population of Canada is just 40 Million. The strength of the GDP of Canada is due to its agriculture. The agriculture of Canada is quite advanced as compared to other countries of the World. In the cultivation season, there is a huge number of jobs that are produced in this country.

Because of the Limited population, Canada needs the manpower from other countries to work in Forms. The VISA of Canada for the underdeveloped countries is not the easiest of Visa. It is quite difficult for people to get Visa in Canada. But there is a golden chance during the cultivation seasons.

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Now our team has searched out jobs for Form workers in Canada. there will be no issue of visas for the selected ones.

Jobs :

These jobs are for factories and form workers. These jobs are taken by the Official Govt site that offers jobs for foreigners.

  • Chees Factory Workers
  • Food processing laborers
  • Production helpers


  • The basic Qualification is Intermediate
  • You Must have Good Command over Spoken as well as writing English
  • Must have previous experience of one year
  • in Case of no experience you can apply but we will prefer Experienced ones.
  • If you are applying for Form worker you need experience in form and in case of Factory worker you need experience in Factory.
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If you apply for Farmworker, your work will be in the Fields where you will have to carry loads. Work in vast fields. You can also work overtime. We shall pay you extra for overtime. In case of having command in driving, we will pay you more.


Pay will be 18 To 30 Dollars per Hour. You can work for a maximum of 48 Hours in a weak. In the case of Factory workers salary will be 16 to 18 Dollars per hour.

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Explore and apply send us a CV at

These Jobs are taken by it is Official Govt website Of Canada that Offers jobs.

To apply For Other Jobs in Canada Open Jobs taken By the Offical Canadian Website