Where And How To Buy Cheap Books In Pakistan

Everybody who loves reading wants to buy as many books as possible because there’s no limit to their wishlist and TBR. I am one of those avid readers so believe me I know what I am talking about.
You love reading and you want to dedicate a full, big room to books and have your personal library at home. But to buy books in Pakistan has eventually become close to impossible as they are priced way higher now. But you definitely want to find some way to make it possible to buy a dozen books at affordable price.
Here are some tips as to how buy cheaper books in Pakistan:

Online Bookstores:

There are a few online bookstores in pakistan that sell cheap books. You can buy through Cash On Delivery payment method so that it’s risk-free. One of such bookstores is the online bookstore I am sharing the link of, it sells books at low prices and if you buy three or more books, they are shipped free of charges.

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Buy During Sale Period:

There are often times when the bookstores put Sales on books, hence giving huge discounts on books old and new. You could buy a bunch of books for the next 6-month period of reading during the sale period.

Buy From Book Hawkers:

You can look up books on internet to form a list of books you want to buy. Then go and buy them from book hawkers. There are stalls of books in almost every bazar, and they sell cheap books. They have both used and new books & they give 20-30% discount on new books. And even if they don’t have the book you’re looking for at hand, they’ll arrange it for you.

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Book Fairs:

There are often book fairs conducted by schools, colleges and universities in your city. You can visit those book fairs and buy books on discount. The whole book fair environment makes it a quite pleasant buying experience. The publishers also conduct book festivals for book lovers, there are two pros of buying from such festivals; you get to buy books on discount and you get to check and compare same books by different publishers.

Delay Your Purchase:

Don’t go and purchase newly published books immediately on their release. Wait for a few days, the price will go down. In Pakistan, the prices of newly published books are higher and as the days go by the rated are decreased.

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Buy Used Books:

Buying used books (and most of them you can find in good condition) also enables you to buy valuable books, specially classics, at very low rates. For example, in Karachi a Sunday bazar is conducted on Sundays, and in the morning there are alot of book hawkers selling books even at Rs 100-150 there.

Free E-books:

If you’re into reading classics or relatively older books, there are certain websites that serve as libraries and provide you with free e-books. Those you can read even on your mobile phone by installing the e-book reading app like Epub reader or Pdf reader, depending on what you feel more comfortable with.
I am giving the links below for websites that provide you with free ebooks: