Free website pros and cons

اردو میں پڑھیں
Many websites offer free website creation option, and you can create a free website or blog, but I am not in the favor of free websites.

I think it’s better to let you know the realities of the Internet. There 8 years ago, I was doing the same research.

I had a very bad experience and I want you should not waist your precious time for creating a free website.

Free websites have some limitations:

There are several disadvantages of using free websites and I am going to share some of with you in this article. This article is the result of my experience with free internet building services site.

With that, here are the negatives I’ve encountered in my experience with free websites:

1 – limited storage space:

With free websites you will have a limited storage space. This means that you can not store all your data (images, audio, text, video, …) on your website.

2 – A long domain name:

Your domain name is somehow the name of your company on the internet. Your readers and visitors can not rememer  a long domain name . Unfortunately, with the free services you do not have this possibility. Why? Your domain will look like It is not basically a domain but a subdomain. And this has a serious impact on the SEO of your website

Read this article on how to choose a good domain name?

3 – Free websites have bad SEO :

Because you do not have your own domain name , it will be difficult for search engines to better reference you. To obtain a proper SEO, it is always advisable to have a unique name, like

4 – Uncontrollable ads:

I said in this article . When a host offers a free service, it displays lot of adds on your site, and these ads are uncontrollable. So that your visitors are pestered by pop-ups and banners everywhere on your web pages.

5 – You have less credibility:

How do you want your visitors to do you trust if you are unable to invest some amount in your website? Customers are too vigilant and know the difference between a serious business and one that is amateur.

Investing a little money for a web host and a domain name can only benefit you.

After these five reasons I hope you will reconsider your decision to create a free website.