Create a website on google

How to create a blog/website on Google

There are many options to create a free website or blog,  here you will learn creating a free blog/website on the best free blogging platform,

Click here to learn creating a website or blog on WordPress

Create a free website on Google blogger; is the  platform where you can create a free blog easily. You needn’t to learn html, CSS or any programming  language . Creating a free blog  on Blog spot is very easy, it provides  many different styles and templates for the blog, so  you can create a beautiful blog as easily as creating an email address like , Yahoo, Facebook or gmail account.

Start creating a free blog or website;

If you type or in the browser, you will  automatically be redirected to the page of Google in order to create the Blogspot. If you want to create a free blog, a Google account is necessary. If you are already using other Google services such as G-mail, YouTube or Google Analytics , you can also create a free blog on blog spot with the same account. If you have no google account, don’t worry, it is not a problem, this can be set up with in minutes.

Step #1. Set up a gmail account fist,  if you don’t have.

Step#2.After setting up gmail accout, go to sign up with gmail account.



Step #3.Enter the display name and accept the terms of service.

Now you are ready to create free blog website . Enter a title for your blog in the first box. (i.e. Learn Online Web) and in the second box enter the URL address of your blog for example, it will become . Then click continue…





Step # 4. Now choose any template you like for your blog.You can later install more free blogger templates. After selecting any template click continue…




You have successfully created your blog. Now click on Start blogging.

your_blog_has_been_created6Now you can write articles for your blog. Write title of your post on the title box. Write  you article in the second box. All the formatting tools are there, you can insert pictures, embed videos etc. Click on publish post, and now your first post is online.


If you face any problem during the creation process, write comments below. I will be happy to assist you.

I do not  suggest you to create a free blog or website, but for learning purpose, creating a free blog or websites are not bad . If you want to know why free blog or websites are bad? Read this articles.

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    Hello you have great work to provide the real info to people  who could some work and earn to on line system.I opinion to some complete knowledge share to net .if any one success to earning your job is very great .I admire your job again.thanks 

    1. Akhtar

      You can start making your website on your local computer with the help of this guide,’’ After making a complete website, buy a domain a web hosting, to upload and publish your website.

    1. Akhtar

      Files and software can be uploaded through FTP programs like cute ftp or FileZilla. You can upload your file through c panel. sign in to cpanel and upload your files through File manager.

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