Mushrooms Farm Worker jobs opportunity in Canada

3325909 Nova Scotia Limited is currently hiring for Mushrooms Farm Worker positions in Canada. This is a full-time, permanent job opportunity with healthcare benefits. The job location is in Barss Corner, NS, Canada.

Mushrooms are an essential ingredient in many Canadian households, and the demand for these fungi is continuously increasing. To meet this demand, mushroom farms across Canada are seeking skilled farm workers. These workers play a crucial role in the growth and harvesting process of mushrooms.

As a farm worker on a mushroom farm, your main responsibility will be to assist with various tasks involved in mushroom cultivation. This includes cleaning and sanitizing equipment, preparing the growing medium, planting spawn, monitoring temperature and humidity levels in the growing rooms, harvesting mature mushrooms, and packaging them for distribution to stores or restaurants.


Mushrooms Farm Worker


The company offers a rate of $16.00 per hour.

Working Hours:

Approximately 35 hours per week.


  • No degree, certificate, or diploma is required for this position.


  • The company will provide training.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with various tasks related to mushroom cultivation.
  • Performing physically demanding tasks such as lifting heavy equipment and bending for extended periods.
  • Familiarity with farming practices and crop cultivation techniques.
  • Operating machinery like tractors and harvesters.
  • Demonstrating good communication skills.
  • Possessing excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Staying updated with modern-day agriculture practices.
  • Working as a reliable team player.


Interested individuals are invited to apply for Mushrooms Farm Worker jobs in Canada. Please submit an up-to-date CV, recent photos, and certified copies of testimonials.